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Sprung a leak? Need help?

Below you will find some frequently asked questions, split into three categories. Just click on the question you would like to see the answer too. If however you do not find what you are looking for please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Q. What are your opening hours?

    A. Opening Times:
    Monday 9am to 5pm
    Tuesday 9am to 5pm
    Wednesday 9am to 5pm
    Thursday 9am to 5pm
    Friday 9am to 5pm
    Saturday 9.30am to 5pm

  • Q. Do you charge for deliveries

    A. No unlike most of the multinationals we do not charge for deliveries within the local area, we will even give you an hour slot so you will not have to wait in all day.

  • Q. How does payment work for our goods?

    A. We are fairly flexible about payment, we can take most forms of payment including the majority of cards, cash or cheques (7 days for funds to clear), We take a deposit on order of goods and the balance on or before delivery.

  • Q. Do you fit bathrooms?

    A. We can either fit bathrooms for you or recommend a fitter or simply supply you with the goods, we will not pressure you into buying and are happy to give you advise.

  • Q. My Tap is leaking, what do i do?

    A. Firstly if the leak is bad look under the sink and find the isolation valve (stop cock) turn this off. If you have the receipt call where you bought it from, most good companies should be able to supply you a new cartridge or advise you what to do next. If you are uncertain whether you can fix the problem then please get advise before starting.

  • Q. What do i use to keep my Bathroom looking clean and limescale free?

    A. Firstly it depends on the item you need to clean, never use cleaners on gold plated taps,most importantly read the manufacturers instructions, then after that always try a small area first,somewhere that will not show and check to make sure the product you are using will not damage or mark any surface, we find that CIF works very well on most surfaces including acrylic, steel, ceramic and chrome plated taps. a limescale cleaner like Viakal also works very well, never, ever use bleach in a bathroom, it is very corrosive and will not remove the biggest problem of limescale, it will also turn your plastic or wood products yellow, on top of this it is very bad for the environment.

  • Q. I have a fitting query about something i have bought from you?

    A. Please if you are not certain how to fit something call us and we will try to help, or go to our Manufacturer and Tradesmen section and you will find the manufacturers telephone number, they all have specialist technical help departments that will be able to advise you how the fit the item correctly, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Call us on 01903 206672 or come pay us a visit we promise you wont be disappointed.